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The first platform for the victims of the Arbistar scam is born. If you are one of them, sign up. We will fight for our money to be fully refunded, jointly.

¡If we join together we can go much further!

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Let’s stop this

On September 12, the Arbistar company froze its platform, which caused the freezing of the money of 120,000 people. Although the company has promised to return the money in a phased way, we must come together to ensure our money and that they do not keep it. This platform, which promised the perfect algorithm to make money, seems to have been based on the traditional performance pyramid.


of a class action lawsuit

Lower litigation costs

The costs of the litigation will be divided among the members of the class. This will also allow smaller investors to get their money back, as it would not be worth it on their own.

Greater media weight

The union of all the plaintiffs under the same cause will also give us greater weight in the media. Getting a greater impact on our leaders to make decisions.

More comfortable and easier.

Gathering our lawsuit under the same umbrella will help make litigation simple and easier for us. Improving the judge's recision under the same cause, or the same agreement on all.

You can count on us

We will work by your side

Every month there will be an assembly where all those affected can participate to report on the situation. In it, we will make the best decisions to take our cause as high as possible.

Every 15 days we will prepare an email where we will report what is happening and what we are finding in the media. We have to be up to date and informed so that they can’t keep our money.

We will all work on it. We will ask for help from those involved in the platform to help us with this. We can’t do it alone! But all together we do.


We are the first platform created to group people affected by possible fraud and irregular behavior in cryptocurrency and Forex, mainly from unregulated brokers. We are an initiative created by several people affected by investments made in "Arbistar 2.0", who are trying to coordinate their actions to recover their money.

The mission of the platform is to help all those who have invested any amount in intermediation companies and brokers and have been left without the return not only of the profits obtained, but also the invested capital. The task of the platform is to help obtain the refund of all these amounts, one of the most immediate being the situation created by the company "Arbistar 2.0", but without this implying a limitation towards other companies and brokers. The goal will be to fight against all possible companies and intermediaries that carry out irregular and fraudulent practices.fraudulentas.

The platform, counting on the advice of legal, financial and technological firms and consultants, will use all the most efficient and direct means to try to refund all amounts that have been blocked to customers, taking the necessary actions, both legal and mediatic, which result more efficient for the goal.

Individual actions are legitimate and viable to fight against the irregular practices of brokers and others. But, undoubtedly, the advantages of adhering to this groupal initiative are clear: bring together through collective actions, many victimos of these bad practices means not only a greater social and informational repercussion of the conflict, but also the possibility of reaching a processing by national jurisdictional specialized organisatios, and a reduction of the common costs of the process.

It is very simple and it will not take you long. Just fill in the form that will be sent to you by email and send it to the email address of the platform.

Yes, through a periodic newsletter you will receive timely news regarding the most interesting aspects of the initiatives undertaken by the platform, the situation of those affected, the Arbistar company situation, and the possibility of participation in WEBINARS along with specialists, to answer any question.

No. Belonging to the platform is totally free and does not imply any cost. However, if the future actions carried out have a cost, this will be informed in detail to the members of the platform.


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Privacy Policy and Terms of use